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Friday, February 4, 2011

Sled Day!!

A typical weekday for me might include a morning working in Dr. Campbell’s metabolic lab, doing some research for my honors project, heading to class, attending a meeting or two, and heading home for some “family dinner” and quality time with my Alpha Chi Omega sisters before embarking on a studying marathon. Yesterday was no different as I sat down with my microbiology lab manual to sketch some bacteria. No different, that is, until someone mentioned it was snowing. “Forget homework” one of my roommates said, “we’re going sledding.” Two of my roommates, Amy and Erin, and I started bundling up and recruited one more—Jackie, a sister from Texas who had NEVER been sledding before!

We began to lay out the logistics of our plan and decided that our ice-laden driveway was the perfect spot for our adventure, so we headed to the basement closets to find the house sleds. Problem: the sleds were nowhere to be found. We headed up to our house mom’s room to ask her if she knew where they were, but she had no idea either, so she offered to call the cleaning ladies and ask them. We told her this was not necessary, but she told us that she “went back in the day and had the best time of her life. You girls WILL go sledding tonight!!” Mom proceeded to call each and every one of the house staff (Lisa and Suzie the cooks, Jim the handyman, and Kelly and Linda the cleaning crew—the whole gang). No luck. So we did what any good Purdue student does: we improvised. Grabbed the biggest trash bags we could find and headed out the door with a camera in hand.

Needless to say we had one of the best study breaks of the whole year! Now… I should probably go do that microbiology…

p.s. the sleds were found this morning in one of the upstairs closets. Figures.


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