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Friday, February 4, 2011

Hibernation..in the lab

The last two days Purdue’s had school closed due to the winter storm. My gutter ripped off my house in the wind, my car is snowed in the alley behind my house, and it took me twice as long to walk to MTHW’s today due to the piled up snow. But ends up, I’m not the only one who made the trek. About five others join me now – two other seniors – to work on our projects.

This year the fashion show is April 2nd. Every single day leading up to it is preparation and time management. All individuals are diligently working to create fantastic garments - for instance, braving the winter storm to come here. We’ve even obtained a coffee machine and a refrigerator; however, Jimmy Johns, Marcos, and Hot Box are frequented. The vending machines downstairs now accept debit/credit cards, which is quite handy late at night or in a storm. Our lab has really become like a second home to most of us.
Individuals will even come in to work on other projects, such as for their art classes. Coming up the stairs and entering the hallway, a lit room behind a doorway and music greet every snow-covered design student, welcoming them back. Back to their friends. Back to the work.

And now, it’s back I go.


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