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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Senior Year: Semester One in Review

Whew! My blogs have been few and far between so far this year. Why? Here are just a few reasons:
1. Classes: My senior year classes have been demanding but fantastic so far. Two of my favorite courses this year have been my university honors course and my senior organization and administration course. The first was called “A Social History of Dress” and taught by Professor Ebarb in the theatre department. We explored the social and anthropological meaning of both style and function. Purdue has great honors options, and I’ve been lucky to take part in them through courses like this one. There is the university-wide honors program (UHP) that you apply to as a freshmen, college honors programs (I am a part of the liberal arts honors program) which vary from college-to-college, departmental programs which also vary, and then most honors program also give you the option to complete what is called an “honors contract course.” With this option, you choose a course that is not offered as honors, and create a contract. You work with a professor to challenge yourself to delve deeper than the typical coursework. I chose this option with my senior organization and administration class for athletic training, where I created a policies and procedures manual for one of the internships that I completed this summer. I also completed a review and report of all the injuries that the medical staff saw in a season at this internship. I’m currently working with my professor to turn this into a manuscript to be submitted for publication, as well as a poster to be presented at the annual liberal arts honors colloquium – another perk of the honors options!
Here are some links to various honors programs, in case you’re curious:
The University Honors Program: www.purdue.edu/honors
Liberal Arts Honors Program: www.cla.purdue.edu/honors
Engineering Honors Program: https://engineering.purdue.edu/ENE/Academics/FirstYear/Honors
2. Grad School Applications and the GRE: I still have a few more applications to complete, but from Oregon, to Georgia, to Massachusetts, my program director and professors have been amazing, helping me decide the next step in furthering my education. The GRE wasn’t much fun, but I’m happy with my scores and I hope not to touch that beast again anytime soon!
3. Clinicals: Wow! Senior year in athletic training has been exhausting. but completely worth it! This year I am the senior athletic training student with the cheerleading and spirit squads at Purdue, while helping out with football and other sports as available. I had the opportunity to travel to Ohio State with the football team, and also covered all the home games at Ross-Ade Stadium.
Nothing beats a sideline ticket! I will also be traveling with the cheerleading team to Disney World at the beginning of second semester as they compete in UCA Collegiate Nationals! Now that I’m feeling comfortable and confident of my clinical skills, the next big task on my plate is my board of certification exam at the beginning of February! Wish me luck!
4. The Assistive Technology Center: I have worked many a part-time job while at Purdue, but my current is my favorite. The Assistive Technology Center provides students with disabilities access and solutions to all kinds of technology issues that they may encounter while at Purdue. I have been working as a lab assistant in the center since August and have learned so much. The job has challenged me to think creatively, to perform extensive research, and to explore options that haven’t been given thought before.
5. So many clubs and organizations!: You’ve probably already heard it at least once, but there are SO many options at Purdue! I am probably active in too many, but hey – there are worse things than being too involved. =) I’m excited that my second semester is slowing down a bit, so that I can get back into many of the dance clubs that I enjoy. I also hope to join a new wine club that is starting and to take a cycling class through the recreational sports center. I’m just disappointed I won’t get the chance to see the new (and highly improved) RSC before I leave. It’s certainly something to look forward to for those of you who are prospective students!
Happy holidays, and boiler up!

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