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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Day in the Life of Josh

Today was one of those crazy days in your college life! It started off early around 8:30 when I awoke to the pleasant sound of my cell phone going off. I hurried to get ready as I rushed to church to do my weekly office hours. At 11:00 I left the church and rushed to Stone Hall for a luncheon at the John Purdue Room with the new department head candidate as well as five other students. The lunch lasted roughly an hour as we asked the candidate questions related to their experience in the industry, where the industry is headed, and what ideas he could bring from his current university to ours. After lunch I hurried back to my house to check my email and work on a few papers for classes that are due in a few weeks. Around 3:00, Caroline and I went on to campus to see Miss Teresa Eloff. Yes, in case you were wondering who she is she is the director of undergraduate recruitment, well the secret was out! It was her birthday! After spending some time with her Caroline and I walked from Stone Hall over to Beering Hall of Liberal Arts. Here we had our follow up meeting from our study abroad trip to Dubai and Oman over winter break. The meeting lasted for about two hours, as we went over what we enjoyed the most, what we liked the least, and what improvements could be made for the future trips. I went ahead and posted some pictures just so you could see some of the highlights! That’s all for now!

Me in front of the tallest building in the world, Burj Dubai

A view of Burj Al Arab from one of the hotel tours.

Caroline with a view of the Oman Mountains in the background

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