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Monday, November 15, 2010

Ready, Set, Sell

Hello Everyone! My name is Kim Ziarko and I am a junior majoring in Foods and Nutrition in Business. Tuesday night I had my final presentation of the semester in my Selling Agriculture Business class (AGECON 331). This special night is called Ready, Set, Sell-or RSS for short- where it gives students an experience in professional selling. We all were asked to dress business professional, network and present our sales pitch to sale professionals. Assignments for the class were picking a product or service in a field of your interest and develop a professional sales presentation on it. I chose Organic Coffee Beans from El Salvador! To gain selling skills, you are asked to interview a sales professional and spend a day with him/her at the company to get a feel for their product or service. I was able to visit Uncommon Grounds Coffee Roaster in Saugatuck, Michigan. It was so much fun to see the shop and what they deal with on an everyday basis. The rest of the homework also leads up to RSS to prepare you for every step of the presentation. You might think, “How does this relate to me?” Easy. At one point in our lives we will all be selling ourselves to accomplish one of our goals in life. It could be asking to receive a grant for an experiment or trying to sell a new product you helped concoct in the test kitchen. This class helped my selling skills and did a great job preparing me for the future when I will need to make a professional sales presentation.

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