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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Busy Life at Purdue

Hi everyone!

My name is Christina Citta. I am a junior from Bartlett, IL (a northwest suburb of Chicago) and am majoring in Early Intervention AND Early Childhood Education and Exceptional Needs- I know it's a mouthful. I have been super busy the past few weeks with class, clubs, meetings and committees. I am participating in so much this semester and am actually surprised that I am managing! Right now I am actively participating in HHS ambassadors, the CDFS undergrad committee (I am the student representative on it), PACCH (Purdue's Association for the Care of Children's Health, I am the secretary), my honors research for CDFS (I am working with a grad student in the engineering education department in the preschool on campus), being a paraprofessional for a little boy off campus, babysitting, and substituting at Miller Child Learning Center when I have time... I think that's it, but I've got so much going on, sometimes I forget.

I absolutely LOVE my classes this semester. We are really throwing ourselves into the classroom at the 400/500 level. I have two practicum classes right now where I go into the classroom once a week (for each class) and work with the teachers and children. I have had a lot of experience in the classroom, but practicums are really nice because you are getting personal feedback about your work with the children, and it really helps you become a better teacher! I think that one of the things I love most about being in a practicum is that I can not only apply what I am learning in class, but what I have experienced in other classrooms and schools. I have been a student worker at Miller Child Learning Center since my second semester freshman year, and worked at a Montessori school this summer in my home town. The two schools had very different approaches to learning in the classroom, but I think that it is important to expose myself to such techniques this early in my academic career.

Getting off of the school subject a little bit, last weekend was family day. My parents, brother and boyfriend came to visit me. It was so much fun! We went to the football game and met with the faculty of CDFS for a little bit. One of the things I love so much about being here at Purdue is that it is very family friendly. I come from a large family who is very involved in everyone's lives, and so it is really wonderful that they can come visit and have such great hospitality. My parents look forward to coming up for Family Day every year, and talk about how much fun we have all the time.

That's a brief intro to what is going on for now. Like I said before I am very busy and have a lot to be doing, so I will try and write back as soon as possible and keep you updated on life!


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